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Analysis and Review of ONans Short Novel, Last Night At...

Last Night At the lobster isnt your typical novel. It is a short, brilliantly written novel by Stewart ONan. I would consider this novel to be realistic fiction because of the story line it holds and the characters are average Americans that can be related to. Although this piece of literature isnt intended to be a poetical piece, the author uses elements such as symbolism and sound to make passages flow like a poem would. Set on the last day of business of a Connecticut Red Lobster, this novel tells the story of Manny DeLeon, a committed restaurant manager that is notified by corporate that his managed location is not meeting expectations and will close December 20. He is also informed that he will be assigned to a nearby†¦show more content†¦As the blizzard hits the area around him, customers become sparse, and employees dont show up. Small but not slight, this novel is a concise, poignant portrait of a man on the verge of losing himself in his hope, job, and dream. Right in the opening of the book you instantly get good descriptive language and use of words to help paint a picture of the setting. For example, on page. 5 Scattered flakes drift down like ash, but for now the roads are dry. This is an example of figure of speech. Ash would propel from the sky slowly, for instance after a volcano eruption the thin ash flakes make their way down from the sky with no hurry to hit the ground. I love how within the first few words of the book, I wanted to read more because of the imagery in my head. As many consumers and employees witness, managers tend to gain more respect when working with their team as oppose to using their position to work against their team. Manny worked side by side with the people he supervised to maintain an enjoyable eating experience for his costumers. Stewart O’Nan is able to make Manny DeLeon’s job intriguing and his character distinctive and ultimately tragic. Manny’s personal life adds an aspect of drama, but certainly the main reason why the book held charm was because of Manny’s nature. Conscientious and committed, Manny thinks of the restaurant as his own. He is also quite good at his job of managing his crew. Manny’s pride of having

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Tarbosaurus - Facts and Figures

Name: Tarbosaurus (Greek for terrifying lizard); pronounced TAR-bo-SORE-us Habitat: Floodplains of Asia Historical Period: Late Cretaceous (70-65 million years ago) Size and Weight: About 40 feet long and five tons Diet: Herbivorous dinosaurs Distinguishing Characteristics: Long head; exceptionally small arms About Tarbosaurus When its fossils were first discovered in Mongolias Gobi Desert, in 1946, paleontologists debated whether Tarbosaurus was a new species of Tyrannosaurus, rather than deserving its own genus. Clearly, these two carnivores had a lot in common--they were both huge meat-eaters with numerous sharp teeth and tiny, almost vestigial arms--but they also inhabited opposite sides of the globe, Tyrannosaurus Rex in North America and Tarbosaurus in Asia. Lately, the bulk of the evidence points to Tarbosaurus as belonging to its own genus. This tyrannosaur had a unique jaw structure and even smaller forelimbs than T. Rex; more important, no Tarbosaurus fossils have been found outside Asia. Its even possible that Tarbosaurus had evolutionary precedence, and spawned Tyrannosaurus Rex when some hardy individuals crossed the Siberian land bridge into North America. (By the way, the closest Asian relative of Tarbosaurus was an even more obscure tyrannosaur, Alioramus.) Recently, an analysis of a Parasaurolophus fossil revealed numerous Tarbosaurus bite marks, in patterns indicating that this tyrannosaur methodically scavenged its victims already-dead corpse rather than chasing it down and killing it. This doesnt conclusively settle the debate about whether tyrannosaurs were hunters or scavengers (they probably pursued both strategies, as necessary), but its still a piece of valuable evidence.

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Risk Management Issue in Pediatric Clinic - 2000 Words

Risk Management Issue in Pediatric Clinic Introduction-Khushali Unforeseen events will always be a risk that can accompany those receiving medical care. One way that these risks can be minimized is through the creation of a risk management team. Risk management teams serve to protect the interests of all parties involved in terms of patient services and privacy, costs, and most importantly, patient safety. They strive to control unsafe events from occurring by being proactive in care rather than being reactive to any given situation. This paper discusses the circumstances regarding T.G.’s care and the events that transpired before his untimely death. FNP’s Option That May Have Changed the Outcome-Keri/Rose Risk management should have†¦show more content†¦By including a list, they could have thought of other diagnostic exams that might have proved to be beneficial in his case. Also, a full review of systems should have been included in their write up and considered in their plan of care. It also seems that each time T.G. presented to the office, it was for an episode. He was never brought in for a follow-up visit. In this particular (case or scenario) the cardiologist diagnosed T.G. with vasovagal syncope based on his history and physical. The pediatrician diagnosed a murmur and provided a list of differential diagnoses. The Cardiologist chose not to perform an EKG or do a long QT measurement. When reviewing syncopal algorithms one would have to question the cardiologists thought process of why these diagnostic components were missed when ruling out diffentials for T.G. Literature reviews suggest fainting is due to a sudden drop in heart rate and blood pressure. Deficiencies of FNP SOAP Notes-Rose Collaborative relationships not only are professionally satisfying, but also improve access to care and patient outcomes (Hanson Carter, 2014, p.323). Deficiencies related to T.G.’s two soap notes written by the family nurse practitioner involved multi-factorial deficiencies in regards to: clinical consultation, co-management, the referral process, assertiveness, interpersonal competence, poor documentation of a detailed history and physical that played anShow MoreRelatedA Quality Improvement Project That Implements Universal Adolescent Depression Screening Essay1503 Words   |  7 Pagesimplements universal adolescent depression screening in a pediatric primary clinic using Kotter’s change management theory and model for change as the framework for this process improvement. Adolescent Depression Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people age 15 to 34 years of age (Center for Disease Control [CDC], 2015). More than 25% of all high school age adolescents in the United States who took part in a youth risk behavior survey felt symptoms of depression almost every dayRead MoreEssay about Ebt1 Task 2 Wgu1378 Words   |  6 PagesIntegration EBT1 Task 2 Types of Sources of Evidence/Appropriateness/Classifications The article from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) that addresses acute otitis media (AOM) is a filtered resource. This article is appropriate for use in nursing practice as it establishes diagnosis and management guidelines for the treatment of AOM. In addition the article recommends treatment options for the symptoms of AOM and addresses the conceptRead MoreAntibiotic Resistance and Children Essays1221 Words   |  5 PagesReview of Sources American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians. (2004). Clinical Guidelines: Diagnosis and Treatment of Otitis Media. Retrieved August 13, 2013 from The above source is a filtered source as it was taken from the website of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It is appropriate to use in nursing clinical practice because it discusses studies done that suggest that watchful waiting is appropriate when treatingRead MoreThe Risks Associated With Caring For Pediatrics Case Study780 Words   |  4 Pages It is essential to for the nurse practitioner (NP) to be well versed and aware of the risks associated with practice. There are several high risk populations and risk management strategies that were discussed by Kayla and Megan. To add to the discussion, there are a few high risk populations with aspects of increased risk. Working in the emergency department (ED) as a family NP (FNP) is already a risky work environment due to the fast-paced nature of the ED. Not only is the ED a demanding environmentRead MorePatient Satisfaction Assessment Of Healthcare Providers And Systems Survey1361 Words   |  6 Pagesand Medicaid servic es finalized details of a new reimbursement method that adjusts payments based on patient satisfaction scores-a measure also being adopted by private insurers. Because of this, patient satisfaction is becoming a front-and-center issue in the health care industry. The need to improve quality in health care is increasing and a major component of quality health care is patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is critical to how well a patient does and research has identifiedRead MoreClinical Decision Making For Physical Therapy Assistant1369 Words   |  6 PagesIn this book we see that it consists of five parts which are The Profession, Physical Therapy Specialties, Ethical and Legal Issues, and the Communication. Another factor is the development and evolution. Half of the textbook discusses rehab treatments and the culture of physical therapy itself. It is also mentioned on how to choose your specialty such as neurology, pediatrics, orthopedic and more Fetters, L., Tilson, J. (2012). Evidence based physical therapy. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis. This bookRead MoreCase Study Management : Case Management1315 Words   |  6 Pageslate 1980s, in order to curve the increasing medical expenses, American government have launched case management. Case management not only effectively decreased the medical expenses, but also guaranteed the patients can get the necessary medical service they need. According to American Case Management Association, a non-profit organization that support the practice of case management, case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, andRead MoreMedication And Treatment Of Prescription Drugs1656 Words   |  7 PagesBecause prescription drugs allow for a multitude of quick benefits, doctors are beginning to unnecessarily overprescribe medications to their pediatric patients. Of these prescription drugs, opioid pain killers, antibiotics, and psychiatric medications are the most commonly overprescribed in child care. For example, opioid prescriptions have increased 300 percent in the past seventeen years (Boerner 20), over 50 million unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions are written each year (Murray 266), andRead MoreEffects Of Obesity On Children Health1139 Words   |  5 Pagesthat increase in obesity results from an imbalance between abnormal intake of unhealthy food and drink and also unable to burn calorie. There is increasing evidence indicating that an individual genetic back ground is important in determining obesity risk. Childhood obesity can have medical, physical and psychological effects. The medical effects in childhood obesity includes: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, bone deformity, immobility, and sleep apnea. Some of the emotional, psychological, andRead MoreT he Process Of Becoming A Nurse1588 Words   |  7 Pageswhich, the outcome of the job will better many peoples future if this path is taken. The first step on becoming a nurse is first is figuring out what type of nursing branch or field will suit professional needs such as adult (elderly), children (pediatric), learning disability or mental health. Also, what certain types of degrees are in nursing field. Second, is to prepare on taking all the state exams that is required to becoming a nurse. Lastly, is taking training classes, hands on experiences such

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Rediscovering carla Essay Example For Students

Rediscovering carla Essay Carla is the oldest of the four Garcia Girls. Being the oldest she is the one that is initiated into America first. In addition, due to the fact that she is the oldest she is the one that goes throught the initiation as the most impressionable. Furthermore, since Carla is the oldest she is forced to blend quickest because of lack of time till adolecenseCarla grew up as a wealthy Dominican child who was protected and nurtured. However, when she enters America she is a small fish in a big pond and gets a taste of what it is like to live as the underprivileged half, the half that tended to her needs in the old country, the half that she is now a member of. When She enters America she learns that she is on the lower end of the social order, a realization that helps her to grow and become more self reliant and practical. Furthermore, upon entering America Carla enters a Catholic school and is tortured by a group of pale faced white children who derive great pleasure from publicly humiliat ing her and destroying her self esteem by hurling slurs like immigrant and spic at her. Overall however as a result she grows through this hatred and is enlightened to the prejudice in America. Carla and her family upon entering America encounter a very different economic situation.A rich Dominican girl enters the United States as an immigrant where her family cannot even make enough money to buy her the frivolous purchase of red sneakers. Through the penny pitching Carla develops a frugal side and learns that she will have to be a self made Success here in this new exposed world she has entered. For example in the story American surprise she is presented with a modern piggy bank and showed how to save for her future. Furthermore, Carla, still being young, is still partial to child like tendencies and when the mother preps The Four Girls for there dinner with the aristocratic Fanning’s she says â€Å" No elbows No cokes only Milk or ice water and I make your orders is that c lear?† However, when Carla is bold enough to request that no fish be ordered because it gives her an upset stomach, she is shunned and does not receive a response to her question. These mandatory Behavior rules help Carla to mature, because at a young age she learns a very young age, something will overall accelerate her intellectual development, which life is not fair, and you don’t always get what you want. Experiences such as these help Carla to grow through her difficult times and strengthens her for later in life. In Conclusion, through hard times and experiences, Carla grows and develops a new perspective on the world. For instance, making the transition from aristocracy in the Dominican to the immigrant class in America teaches her to see the universal perspective of things such as, that regardless of race and class everyone has problems to deal with. This realization most likely entices her desire to become a therapist Carla becoming a therapist gives her a road to success and motivates her to succeed like her father inevitably will. In summary, through class change and economic diversity Carla develops mentally, emotionally and worldly and through this development she gains a universal perspective and an optimistic outlook on life. Furthermore this development keeps her focused and better off than her sisters. Bibliography:

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The Bottomless Pit - Woyzeck Essays - Woyzeck, Georg Bchner

The Bottomless Pit - Woyzeck Topic# 1: A commentator has remarked, ? Clearly Buchner considered that while social revolution might help the Woyzeck's of the world, it could hardly save them?. Is Buchner's vision of the world of Woyzeck essentially fatalistic, a dystopia from which there is no escape? Georg Buchner's classic play ?Woyzeck?, unfinished, yet ahead of its time, has only this past century achieved notoriety for its visionary script and modernity. Buchner, a young radical of his time, intended this work to act as a social protest against the oppression and conditions of the impoverished. The work shows its audience the extreme tragedies that befall those trapped in poverty, those who have lost all hope, and therefore become acquiescent to their environment, which in turn furthers their hardship. Despite the main characters' pleas for aid, and or spiritual intervention, they are trapped in their situations. Buchner offers no hope to them of any kind for redemption or salvation. Poverty is presented as a vicious cycle, one that destroys everything in its path. The obvious apocalyptic language and visions that Buchner employs in the play all stress the pessimism surrounding the characters, and the fatalistic and dystopic environment in which they are forced to survive. Woyzeck, the central protagonist, and his common law wife Marie, are left to the mercy of their society and manipulated by those around them. Characters like the Doctor, Captain, and Drum Major contribute to Woyzeck's downfall, and the subsequent murder of Marie: the Doctor treats Woyzeck like an animal and is completely unconnected to his reality, the Captain tries in vain to morally reform Woyzeck, a man whose hunger is first and foremost on his mind and not the condition of his morality, and finally, the Drum Major humiliates Woyzeck by seducing his wife, and later assaults him in front of his peers. All three men cannot possibly understand Woyzeck's state of mind and situation, and disregar d him in all his pain and suffering. They mock his humanity, and ignore him when he asks for answers to the questions that might have eased his troubled and irrational mind. The Captain plants the jealous seed of doubt and anger surrounding Marie's infidelity in Woyzeck's mind. The effect of this would not have been so successful if Woyzeck had not been already so desperate, destitute, and verging on madness. Woyzeck explains his dire existence to the Captain in scene one of the play: Woyzeck: ?When you're poor like us, sir?It's the money, the money! If you haven't got the money? I mean you can't bring the likes of us into the world on decency. We're flesh and blood too. Our kind doesn't get a chance in this world or the next. If we go to heaven they'll put us to work on the thunder? (Pp.108) Here one sees that Woyzeck believes that even if he made it to the eternal paradise of heaven, his suffering would still continue, as he would be made to work on the thunder along with the rest of the poor. Woyzeck perceives no glimpse of a better life or future for his family, and accepts his fate to live as a slave to others. He allows the Doctor to perform weird and degrading experiments on him, such as placing him on a strict diet of only peas for three months, and he allows himself to be berated for relieving himself in the street. Woyzeck does all this just so he can earn a few measly dollars to support Marie and their child. There is no utopic blueprint in this play. Buchner does not create a new model for humanity, or for how poverty should be dealt with, he just shows it to us in all of its anguish. Woyzeck's only escape from his pathetic life is his love for Marie. She is the only thing that he loves, and cherishes. Her affair with the Drum Major drives Woyzeck into insanity, and he ends up killing Marie, the only thing that kept him sane. Woyzeck says concerning self-control, that the poor can't possibly do anything but obey nature's call, much like the horse displayed at the fair: Man in his unidealized state. Woyzeck: ?Oh, self-control. I'm not

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Low Barriers to Entry

Low Barriers to Entry Introduction Low barriers to entry determine the strategies that a business must adapt to penetrate a new market. Thus, this analytical treatise explores low barriers to entry for a new comer truck driver in the asset-based supply chain and logistics industry.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Low Barriers to Entry specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The audience and their concerns Entry in a market with low barriers requires strategies that may make the new entrant excel in a market characterized by stiff competition and series of similar business activity. There are several similar players in the market that the new comer truck driver wants to enter and penetrate. Besides, truck drivers in the asset-based supply chain and logistics industry are correlated to negative perception by most clients who view them as a bunch of dishonest and unreliable transport service providers. Therefore, there is need to design an entry st rategy that would ensure complete control of perception of the clients. Problem statement The asset-based supply chain and logistics industry for a new comer truck driver has the challenge of remaining a float amidst presence of very many other track drivers with fleets and an expansive customer niche. Thus, there is an immediate need for the new comer truck driver to adapt a branding strategy that will make this business enter into the market and penetrate the same to win the current clients. There is also need to establish a water tight business entry plan credentials that would combine natural strengths of the truck driver and his personality. Recommendations to the entry problem In order to achieve desired margins in sales and total revenues generated, a proper marketing plan should integrate entry strategy, comparative advantage, and market segmentation since in most cases, there is always a strong competitor or competitors that passing might prove challenging due to existence of consumer perceptions and household names (Janus, 2008). To increase credibility and maintain professionalism, the market entry plan should encompass processes and features that flawlessly facilitate healthy and lifetime relationships between the truck business and its clients.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Among the new development elements that can be incorporated to build trust include establishment of a strong distribution, fair retribution process, and passing accurate information to target audience to restore confidence within the new networks. Besides quality in service, delivery and customer satisfaction depend on the marketing segmentation. Therefore, customer retention is achievable through the creation of reliable and affordable marketing channel that is essential in monitoring matrix that maps out potential competitors and identifies weaknesses and strength of the clients. Moreover, the reporting criteria should reflect the success of marketing calendar and set targets generated from time to time (Longenecker et al. 2009). Essentially, success of brand and product management in a new market depends on a proper alignment of a functional idea into the creation of flexible, involuntary, and quantifiable measurement of perception among the target audience. Reflectively, this idea should have essential elements that can easily sway the mind, either positively or negatively. Therefore, the new comer truck driver should brand his truck business as the most competitive in terms of charges for service delivery and reliability (Bert, 2011). In conclusion, low barriers to entry market such as the asset-based supply chain and logistics industry demand rebranding of the truck business besides adapting the low cost price leader in order to win the current clients and develop loyalty among clients. Despite stiff competition from other track drivers, this industry offers series of opportunities for new entrants since the demand for truck services supersedes the current supply. References Bert, R. (2011). Marketing Channels: A Management View. Sydney: Thompson South- Western.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Low Barriers to Entry specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Janus, P. (2008). Pro Performance Point Server 2007: Building Business Intelligence. New York: Press Intel. Longenecker, G. J., Petty, J.W., Palich E. L., and Moore, W.C. (2009). Small Business Management: Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures. Alabama: Cengage Learning.

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Animal Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Animal Behavior - Essay Example In what ways were chimpanzees superior to humans Goodall observed (p. 232) that unlike humans, a chimpanzee is not inhibited by any fear of making a fool of him/herself. What this means is that chimpanzees may not exhibit in their adulthood the effects of any traumatic experiences in their childhood. They instinctively learn from their experience and move on is what she seemed to imply, although such a conclusion may be doubtful scientifically because it was not possible at the time of her observation to have any properly documented childhood histories of the adult chimpanzees she observed. And, of course, what we may consider foolish behavior may be for a chimpanzee just an ordinary show of animal happiness. At the least, we can admit that chimpanzees are superior in a way because they do not go around rampaging in the forest just because they were bullied by others of their kind, as Goodall observed. Goodall also made some observations where humans were "better" than chimpanzees, and this is in caring for their young (p. 185). Unlike humans where the male of the species get involved (emotionally and physically) from pregnancy to adulthood, male chimpanzees do not do so, leaving the task and troubles of pregnancy, birth, and child-rearing to the female. This form of behavior Goodall marks as one of the main differences between human and chimpanzee societies. This leads us to ask whether this difference has something to do with the malaise in human society today, and whether leaving child-rearing to human mothers would be better. There were other instances when Goodall found chimpanzees in a league of their own and incomparable to humans, such as in the way they trust the others, especially humans, or in the tolerant and kind behavior they show towards their young (p. 74; p. 178). They do not turn traitor, friendly one moment and then aggressive the next, or harm others for no reason. This did not mean that chimpanzees do not express aggressive behavior when threatened, but once they accept someone as their own, everyone is expected to follow the established social order or get out of the group (perhaps, start a new one). In a sense, these chimpanzees were exhibiting animal behavior but devoid of the evil and bad intentions that abound among humans. Personally, Goodall's account shows the many similarities and differences between humans and chimpanzees, and leads me to question the advantages and disadvantages of rational behavior, or whether chimpanzees can teach us lessons that would help us make this world a better place. Looking at the world as it is now, I disagree with Goodall's observation (p. 34) that we accept the chimpanzee as Man, because I think it would be an insult to the chimpanzee. Perhaps later, when we humans learn to use our "superior" mental and spiritual capacities to do what is good and to avoid evil, it would be an honor for us to be accepted by the chimpanzees as their biological and genomic kin. The Truth about Dogs Budiansky (2001) presented a genomic dimension of man's best friend, a "gene's eye" view to show how dogs evolved from their